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We here at TRUST are all about inspiration and helping others. Whether that’s in life, in health, or simply holding the door open for each other. We would like to highlight a gentleman who has been doing just that. Mark Tupas, co-owner of Vegas Strong Gym has a true passion for helping others that he calls “God’s true calling for him”. Mark was born in the Philippines and raised in Waipahu, Hawaii. Growing up in low income areas and being a small Filipino boy made him feel like he received no respect. He got into many fights which turned him to begin training Mixed Martial Arts. Mark trained hard everyday and started winning big fights in Hawaii, giving him a huge following of fans. Mark decided to follow his dreams of becoming a big named fighter and turned professional. This lead him to move to Los Angeles and then to Las Vegas to further his professional career. The more fans Mark gained, the bigger his ego grew, feeling unstoppable and at the top of the world. He was partying every night, doing drugs, and hanging out with the wrong crowd. This caused him to be in the wrong mental state and he lost his next four fights, putting him in a downward spiral; becoming poor, nowhere to go, and even contemplating suicide.

It all finally changed when he met a young lady that turned him to God. Mark says, “The Bible was the first book I read that I could understand, it spoke to me”. After finding God things were starting to look up for Mark. He was self employed for 2 years, training and helping people with their fitness, building his clientele with his compassion and positive outlook on life. “TRUST in the Lord,” he says, which is what brought him to the opportunity to own Vegas Strong Gym. Vegas Strong formerly know as Olymp1a Gym was a failing gym that was close to going bankrupt when Mark and his partner took it over. It has been a year now since Mark has owned Vegas Strong and business is better than ever! Mark now shares his testimony at his church and gym, where he speaks on his past and things that changed his life around. He says, “It gives him chills,” for him to think about where he came from to where he is now. He has been inspiration to so many people from all different walks of life. Ask anybody that knows Mark and they will tell you all about his infectious positive attitude, his smile and how much he truly cares about everyone. He has helped several people at his gym that have now given themselves to the Lord and he has even stopped people from contemplating suicide. Some very influential people like police chiefs, politicians, and VPs of major corporations have told him that he has been a positive impact on their lives. He continues to change lives throughout the fitness world.

His gym has been using TRUST products and he has recommended them to his clients. He has been getting very positive feedback from everyone. They love TRUST products, especially our Topical Rub. Many of his clients have muscle aches and pains from being in the gym. We look forward to more positive feedback from Mark and his gym. We here at TRUST are very grateful to Mark and people like him all over the World. We hope you continue to better the lives of others.

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